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Welcome to the Five Islands Christian Ministries website. 5icm is named after the five islands situated near Wollongong and Port Kembla on the east coast of Australia. The surrounding region was known as the Five Islands District by the early settlers, but today it is called the Illawarra region (Wollongong, Shellharbour and Kiama local government areas).

This website serves ecumenical ministries and the churches of the Illawarra and seeks to facilitate church unity in the area. There is no cost for advertising ecumenical events on this website. The navigation buttons to the left will take you to the other pages of the website. The 5icm blog provides a platform for members of 5icm to discuss their individual ministries. Click on the links to the right to download pdf files of contact information for all churches in the Illawarra which teach the historic Christian teachings of the trinity, salvation in Christ, and the Apostle's and Nicene Creeds.
Derek Thompson,
Public Officer
Five Islands Christian Ministries Inc.

Recent Updates:
21/9/21 Events page updated.
17/9/21 Church links page updated.
"Clearing the Way for Jesus" newsletter added to CTWFJ page, and Events page updated.
5/9/21 Resources and Events pages updated.
24/8/21 Other Links and Events pages updated. Achieving Atonement eBook updated (no change to text).
18/8/21 Church lists updated.

10/8/21 "Clearing the Way for Jesus" newsletter added to CTWFJ page, About page and Church lists updated.
6/8/21 Church links updated.
4/8/21 Events page and church lists updated.
30/7/21 Illawarra Contacts, Other Links page updated, Events page updated - Walking Between Worlds Workshop postponed,

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Illawarra Churches

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Illawarra Churches Alphabetical list


Illawarra Churches Post Code order list (includes postal addresses)


Wollongong City Council area churches


Shellharbour City Council area churches


Kiama Municipal Council area churches

These lists of church information are continually being updated. Please let us know of any errors or changes in details at admin@5icm.org.au